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Seleção 2023

Os filmes selecionados e não selecionados são anunciados assim que julgados.

Essa é a lista dos filmes selecionados até agora:


Selected and non-selected films are announced as soon as they are judged.
This is the list of selected films so far:

  -The Bytes Dreams are Made of

By Alessandro Amaducci.

Animation, Experimental, Music Video, Web / New Media.

1 hour 7 minutes. Italy

  -Lost Images

By Cesare Bedogne.

Documentary, Experimental.

35 minutes 33 seconds. Italy

  -Man with a cellphone camera

By Luc da Silveira.

Documentary, Experimental, Short, Student.

23 minutes 48 seconds. Brazil


By Luc da Silveira.

Experimental, Short, Student.

6 minutes 50 seconds. Brazil

  -Rise & Fall

By Lorenzo Premuroso.

Drama, Absurd, Music.

3 minutes 53 seconds. United Kingdom.

  -Dear Humans

By Joo Peter.

Animation, Experimental, Artificial Intelligence.

5 minutes. Germany / United States

  -Shutup and Listen

By Daniel Bretas.

Animation, Experimental, Short, Student, Web / New Media.

20 minutes. Brazil.

  -Night Ride from LA

By Martin Gerigk.

Experimental, Music Video.

5 minutes. Germany / United States


By Patricia Colmenero.

Videoart, Experimental.

5 minutes 1 second. Brazil.

  -Benjamin Zambraia and the Self Panoptic

By Felipe Cataldo.

Literature, Experimental, 16 mm.

1 hour 11 minutes 4 seconds. Brazil.

  -Art Student

By Kilian Dellers.


6 minutes. Switzerland.

  -Spectral Rainbow Frequency

By Hüseyin Hüseyin Erverdi.

Experimental, Abstract.

2 minutes 30 seconds. Turkey

  -Anima # 1

By Vasco Diogo.

Animation, Experimental.

3 minutes 13 seconds. Portugal.

  -What Is Left of Us

By Fernando Arze Echalar

Drama, Existential.

20 minutes. Bolivia, Plurinational State of

  -Human Walkers in Motion

By Ethann Néon.

Animation, Experimental.

10 minutes. Belgium.


By Carol Guimarães.

Experimental, Short, Web / New Media.

16 minutes. Brazil.

  -Everlasting Happiness

By Deborah White.


11 minutes 28 seconds. Australia.

  -Mushroom Water

By Roger Horn.


2 minutes 35 seconds. Germany.


By Héloïse Bargain.

Documentary, Experimental.

3 minutes 32 seconds. Canada.

  -The Monk

By Alberto Martín-Aragón.

Experimental, Horror.

3 minutes 3 seconds. Spain.

  -The Photo

By Alberto Martín-Aragón.

Experimental, Drama.

20 minutes 35 seconds. Spain.


By Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich.


5 minutes. Austria / Germany.


By Evandro Caixeta and João Gilberto Lara.

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Drama, Experimental.

13 minutes. Brazil.

  -To All Those

By Josh Weissbach and Ben Balcom.


6 minutes 25 seconds. United States.

  -A Ballad for Looking into Time

By Aoibhin Redmond.

Horror, Experimental, Gothic, Music, Fantasy, Folk Horror, Art, Non-Narrative, Student, Surreal.

10 minutes 30 seconds. Ireland.

  -A Luz Incidiu Sobre Nós Como a Pálida Noite.

By Lucca Genovesi Girardi.


25 minutes 26 seconds. Brazil.


By Victor Galles.

Experimental, Music Video.

9 minutes 16 seconds. Brazil.

  -Fixing a Hole.

By Pierre Ajavon.


3 minutes 10 seconds. France.


By Bako Machado.

Animation, Experimental,Web / New Media.

1 minute 45 seconds. Brazil.


  -Clear Ice Fern

By Mark Street.

Experimental abstraction, Super 8, avant-garde.

12 minutes. United States

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